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TeamTreack Windows System Requirements

1. Is the upgrade from Tracker to TeamTrack free?

2. What about Tracker maintenance contracts – are they transferred as well?

3.  Will Serena discontinue support for Tracker?

4. How long will the offer to migrate from Tracker to TeamTrack at no charge be valid?

5. How will Serial numbers and license entitlements be handled for those migrating from Tracker to TeamTrack?

6.  How a customer does a customer download and license TeamTrack?

7. Many customers will not be able to migrate all projects at once to TeamTrack and will need to run Tracker and TeamTrack in parallel during the transition. How do we support that?

8. When will the migration utility be generally available?

9. Are we going to release updates to the migration utility?

10.  What will be provided to customers to help them migrate?

11. Will the migration utilities require any knowledge of TeamTrack?

12.  How easy will it be for customers to migrate?

13. What type of customer is most likely to be successful with the migration utility?

14.  Can customers migrate some projects now, others later?

15.  Will the migration utility move all Tracker data?

16.  Should Tracker 7.x customers move to Tracker 8 before moving to TeamTrack?

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