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Serena Builder
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High-speed builds
Builder uses high-speed dependency scanning and multi-threaded commands for faster builds. It also supports incremental builds, so developers don’t waste time building objects that are already up to date.

Extensive audit trails
Builder creates a transparent and auditable build environment with IT Governance Build Audit Reports including SCM item history, Impact Analysis Reports and Central Logging.

100% automation
Many tools claim to 'automate' the build process, but the only real way is to replace manual scripting. Builder does this with ease. Instead of laboring over unnecessary and error-prone manual scripts, developers can concentrate on higher-level tasks.

Centralized build management
Builder provides a multi-use dashboard for build promotions and sends email notifications for build monitoring. The central server manages all Builder logs, providing quick access and review.

Real-time monitoring with immediate error reporting
Builder detects build errors in real time based on build step, so developers can respond to problems immediately—even prior to the completion of the build.

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