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Serena Builder
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PVCS Builder is the industry's first comprehensive, automated build solution for the entire enterprise.

Builder supports multiple operating environments, programming languages, integrated development environments, and configuration management systems. Builder is seamlessly integrated with Serena software configuration and change management applications.

Benefits for the entire organization

Project manager. Builder creates a reliable, repeatable process that ensures that the application is built correctly every time. By preventing build-related regressions that cost time and divert resources, Serena Builder helps development and QA teams move more quickly to testing cycles, keeping projects on time and on budget.

QA/test manager. When you use Builder, builds are completed correctly and completely using the right source, libraries, compilers, and other build resources. You no longer have to wonder whether a failed build will delay testing, push back your schedule, or otherwise bring chaos into the testing organization. With Builder, your team will have more time to do the work that counts: validation of software quality.

Build/release engineer. The tedious and error-prone task of manually scripting software builds is eliminated with Serena Builder. Builder ships with many predefined build types that can be quickly selected depending upon your targeted language and operating systems. The open architecture and flexibility of Builder allows the release engineer to add or modify build types as necessary. And if release engineers must make customizations, they can modify the underlying processes and scripts that automate the build process.

With Builder, your release engineering team can avoid the frustrations associated with building for many platforms and can concentrate on helping to streamline the development

Product highlights

Web client interface. The Builder web client interface gives the organization rapid access to start, check status, or review reports from a standard web browser. The web client supports the needs of globally distributed development teams.

Multiple-language support. Many applications today are built using multiple programming languages, scripting languages, preprocessors, and other build tools. Some build management systems require distinct build processes for these different languages. For example, pure Java applications are often built using the very popular ANT scripting tool. ANT won’t work well, however, when the application also needs access to C or C++ compilers. Builder lets you rely on a single build process to build all your languages.

Builder knowledgebase. The Builder knowledgebase is delivered pre-loaded with over 2,000 standard Build types and Build rules. Sample scripts—written in the standard and popular Perl scripting language—are also provided to get you started. You can modify these scripts as needed to suit your organization and application needs.

Dependency analysis and impact reporting. Wouldn’t you like the luxury of a truly comprehensive dependency and impact analysis report? Builder provides both imploding and explosion reporting, enabling you to review full dependency relationships between the source you started with and the resulting application you deliver.

Footprinting and bill of materials. Have you ever performed a build and then wondered if you set your library path correctly, whether you used the correct version of the compiler, or if some library was out of date? Builder lets you generate a bill of materials and footprint report that will tell you all the dependencies, environment variables, machine settings, etc. that were included in the build. Builder takes the uncertainty out of the build process.

Remote application builds. Regardless of the platforms required for the build, Builder allows one user to initiate and monitor the entire process from a single build console. You can install RBS on any supported platform and manage your builds through the Build Client.

Integrated to Serena PVCS® Version Manager. Serena Builder is tightly integrated to Serena® PVCS® Version Manager™, a component of PVCS® Professional Suite. The integration allows users to initiate a build directly from PVCS Version Manager, improving developer productivity while providing the organization controlled and consistent build management, reducing the risk to the project schedule, and lowering team stress levels all around.

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Automated build processes ensure consistent, reliable
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