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Smart Site Import
Smart import of existing web sites
Relationship management capabilities

Content Authoring and Editing
Browser-based WYSIWYG editor
Edit and manage HTML, XML, documents, images and other rich media
Desktop application integration (e.g. Office, Photoshop, Etc.)
Drag-and-drop document upload
Branding enforcement
In-context editing (e.g. navigate to edit)
Macromedia Contribute support
Macromedia Dreamweaver support
Structured and unstructured content support
Multi-lingual content support

Web Content Change Management
Content stored and managed in database repository
Security and access control
Content check-in / check-out
Content versioning (unlimited revisions) for all content types (including documents and rich media assets)
Rollback of all content
Task management
Flexible workflow
Link management and automatic validation
Content search
Change tracking and auditing
Site-wide dependency management
Scheduled backup of all site content (including documents and images)

Site And Page Generation
Flexible page assembly
External content querying
Metadata management (content categorization)
Browser meta-keyword management
Page and site template support
Accessibility compliance support
Automatic document conversion to HTML and PDF
Staging and aging of content
Content re-use in a single site
Content re-use across multiple sites
Site assembly
Navigation management

Intelligent content publishing (Changes Only)
Scheduled and manual publishing
Support for staging and production destinations at no additional license cost
Multi-site publishing*
Publish to external database schema*
Rich publish history
Error reporting via email

Standards Support
Support for common scripting languages (ASP, JSP, PHP, CFM)
Server runs on Microsoft Windows platforms
Server runs on Unix platforms (Solaris, Linux)*
Supports Windows and Mac OS X browser clients
LDAP / Active Directory support
Documented API*
Web services support (WSDL, SOAP support)*
Supports common web and application servers for content delivery
Includes embedded database (included in Single Site, optional for Enterprise)
Supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases*
Integrates with other Serena products

Customer Care
Backed by award-winning 24x7 support
Includes access to Collage DevNet developer community

* Enterprise only

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