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Bridge the gap between development, test and production.

Serena® Mover™ fully automates the process of deploying assets residing in Serena® Dimensions™, PVCS® Professional™, and PVCS® Version Manager™ and third-party software configuration management (SCM) solutions for testing, staging and production.

By slashing the costs and errors associated with manual asset transfer from SCM systems, and by controlling deployment privileges, Mover boosts quality, productivity, accountability and security.  
Mover benefits organizations by:

  • Reducing costs
    Mover reduces time—and therefore money—spent on manual tasks and error-prone deployment scripts.
  • Enhancing quality
    Tight integration with other Serena tools ensures a smoother development process and a better product overall.
  • Reducing risk
    Robust security features limit who can deploy what, where, and when. All deployments are tracked, providing complete traceability.
  • Automated asset transfer
    With Mover, you automate the deployment of files and folders across the entire network
  • Centralized control
    Mover centralizes server setup, deployment mapping, asset selection, and scheduling into a single browser-based interface.
  • Scheduling
    Recurring activities and deployment tasks can be scheduled to start at any time, making it easy to coordinate deployments in advance of deadlines.
  • Auditing
    You can use automatically generated log files to verify deployment integrity, and to ensure complete traceability and accountability
  • Notifications
    Mover can generate email notifications when deployment errors occur, and when deployments successfully complete
  • Pre-deployment and post-deployment commands
    Mover facilitates running executables, such as batch files or command line actions, as part of a pre-deployment or post-deployment activity, either on the originating Mover Server, or on deployment destination servers.
  • Simple asset selection
    Seamless integration with Serena Dimensions, PVCS Professional and PVCS Version Manager makes it easy to select assets for transfer. Mover can also transfer assets from any third-party SCM products.
  • Secure FTP deployment
    Mover ensures protection of digital assets when deploying to an FTP server. It deploys assets through firewalls, using a number of secure communication protocols, including SOCKS4/5 and SSL.
  • Command line interface
    The Mover command line interface permits remotely controlled asset deployment operations from applications such as PVCS Professional, Serena Dimensions or other SCM applications.

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