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Product Update

PVCS Professional is the proven solution for team-based software configuration management (SCM).

PVCS Professional Suite, the comprehensive suite for software change and configuration management, includes PVCS Version Manager, Serena TeamTrack, and PVCS Builder. As the standard for thousands of customers worldwide, PVCS Professional Suite offers sophisticated version management, issue and workflow management, and build capabilities.

PVCS Professional enables development teams to:

  • Gain control, insight, predictability, and efficiencies in application development
  • Boost team productivity and schedule reliability
  • Enforce and audit change processes to support regulatory compliance

Continuously enhanced by development experts themselves, PVCS Professional delivers far more than commercial version control utilities, freeware, or home-grown SCM.

Tightly integrated SCM

With close integration between PVCS Version Manager’s version control capabilities, TeamTrack’s issue and defect tracking, and PVCS Builder’s build management functions, PVCS Professional automates processes for the entire application development team.

Flexible, broad infrastructure support

Deeper, richer integration with VS .NET and Eclipse-based IDEs such as IBM WSAD/RAD enhance developers’ productivity by letting them work within their preferred IDEs.

Parallel development

New pragmatic locking, synchronization, and differencing/merge engine support contemporary development practices, automatically reconciling and merging multiple concurrent changes.

Automated builds

PVCS Builder enables automated software builds, including remote and cross-platform builds spanning client/server, IBM mainframe and web environments, with no scripting required.

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