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Woman using PDA: Synergex was among the first to embrace open standards pioneering inter-compatibility between different hardware and operating systems.
PVCS Education
In today’s business climate it is not only expected, it is required that you achieve a maximum return on your investment. Synergex constantly strives to develop educational solutions to allow you to achieve every possible advantage from your investment in Serena software.

Training that fits your business needs:

In-depth overview

Our classes are designed to provide an in-depth overview of the key features designed into Serena software products. Our training is custom designed to empower you to fully understand the breadth of our products so you can adapt them to the complexity of your organization.

Private, Onsite Classes

Host training at your site, focusing on what’s most important to you and facilitating discussion about your unique processes. Cost varies by course offering.  A signed Statement of Work is required for onsite training.

Public Classes

Open enrollment courses are offered at state-of-the-art training facilities across the country. It’s a great opportunity to learn and network with other customers using the same product. Public training is priced per person, and varies by course offering. Registration is required for these classes. 

Online Classes

Open enrollment instructor-led courses enable you to receive training right at your desk. Delivered live, over Centra, these courses allow you to learn about the critical features of our products without the hassles and expense of travel. Online training is priced per person and varies by course offering.  Registration is required. .

For more information regarding PVCS education please contact Synergex by phone at 1.800.366.3472 and ask to speak to a PVCS product account sales representatives.

Please check back periodically for new education classes.

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